About us

Farmer Scientist Network - meeting Üpplingen 2011

The Farmers Scientist Network (FSN) brings together public sector scientists active in modern biotechnology research for the common good and farmers who request the freedom of choice to select the crops they find best suited for their needs, including approved GM crops.

The FSN is not a fixed entity but a network of organizations that aim to strengthen the voice of farmers and public researchers in the debate on GMOs at European level.

The network facilitates activities such as:

  • Participation of in EU meetings (e.g: European Parliament & European Commission  hearing, Seminars and Conference promoted by EU Institutions)
  • Organize internal information sessions on selected topics (i.e Bans on GMOs, CAP, RIO+20, Scientists&Farmers dialogues)
  • Organize events for other stakeholders and policymakers (i.e MEPs, MS representatives, EU civil servants, Universities)
  • Support ad hoc activities of members (i.e Innoplanta Forum, Briefing paper)
  • Exchange of relevant scientific, legal and economic information on GMOs
  • Favouring the adoption of open positions among the participants in the network (see the letters in this category)

During the three years of existence (2011-2014) several organizations have been engaged in one or more activities of the network. Find at the bottom the list of the organisations who have taken part in at least one of the activities of the network.

  1. Agricoltori Federati (AgF, Italy, www.agricoltorifederati.it)
  2. AgroBiotechRom (ABR, Romania, www.agrobiotechrom.ro),
  3. Asociación Agraria Jóvenes Agricultores (ASAJA, Spain, www.asajanet.com)
  4. Asociación Española de Productores de Vacuno de Carne (Asoprovac, Spain, www.asoprovac.com)
  5. Association Française des Biotechnologies Végétales (AFBV, France, www.biotechnologies-vegetales.com)
  6. Association Générale des Producteurs de Maïs (AGPM, France, www.agpm.com)
  7. Association of Cereal producers (ANPOC, Portugal, www.anpoc.pt)
  8. Association of wheat, maize and oilseed producers (ORAMA, France)
  9. Associazione Agricoltori FuturAgra (FA, Italy, www.futuragra.it),
  10. Boerenbond (BB , Belgium, www.boerenbond.be)
  11. Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Producers (AZPB, Bulgaria, www.azpb.org/en)
  12. Bulgarian National Grain Growers Association (BNGGA, Bulgaria)
  13. Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK, Finland, www.mtk.fi)
  14. Confagricoltura (Italy, www.confagricoltura.it)
  15. Conservation Agriculture Association (APOSOLO, Portugal, www.aposolo.pt)
  16. Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias (Spain, www.agro-alimentarias.coop)
  17. European Confederation of Maize (EU, www.cepm.org)
  18. Fédération Nationale de la Production de Semence de Maïs et de Sorgho (FNPSMS, France)
  19. InnoPlanta (Germany, www.innoplanta.de)
  20. Ligii Asociatiilor Producatorilor Agricoli din Romania (LAPAR, Romania, www.lapar.org)
  21. National Farmers Union (NFU, UK, www.nfuonline.com)
  22. National Farmers’ Union Cymru (NFU Cymru, Galles, www.nfu-cymru.org.uk)
  23. National Farmers’ Union of Scotland (NFUS, Scotland, www.nfus.org.uk)
  24. National Federation of Agricultural Cooperators and Producers (MOSZ, Hungary, www.mosz.agrar.hu)
  25. Public Research and Regulation Initiative (PRRI, worldwide, www.prri.net)
  26. Société des agriculteurs de France (SAF, France, www.agriculteursdefrance.com)
  27. Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU, Northern Ireland, www.ufuni.org)
  28. Centro de Informação de Biotecnologia(CIB, Portugal, www.cibpt.org)