Survey among farmers and public researchers

To contribute to a more informed debate on GMOs, the contributors to this briefing paper have conducted a pilot survey among scientists and farmers to assess:

  1. The need for GM crops in the EU
  2. Experiences of farmers who use GM crops and of farmers who are not allowed to do so
  3. Experiences of public sector scientists developing and testing GMOs.

To assess the need for GM crops in the EU, the survey evaluated:

  1. key crops grown in the different countries, and major constraints faced by farmers in growing these crops, such as pests, diseases, drought, etc.
  2. for each of these constraints, the following aspects were addressed:
    • The consequences of these constraints, for example as a percentage of yield loss
    • Current management practices, such as pesticide use
    • Relevant biotechnological research in the public sector in the country, including a description of the research, the current status and contact points.

This pilot survey was conducted among farmers’ organisations and public sector research institutes in 12 EU Member States.

Per country a summary was prepared outlining key agricultural crops grown in the country (based on acreage and value), including major challenges faced by farmers in growing these crops. A brief (and by no means exhaustive) snap shot of the on-going and planned public sector biotechnology research aimed at addressing these challenges was outlined.

Find the results of the survey on the national situations on GM crops here.